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just some multimedia student reaching deep

2009-01-09 01:57:48 by lazynbord

:EDIT: so here is one of the current screens ^^ bg design by my friend Eric.G and the rest of it is done by me. I took a desktop screenshot while the game was in preview. so yes the character was moving when I took the shot

hit me up if you want to join in this



I haven't been on this site for a long time, tracing back on my roots from middle school I used to play in this site to kill time with my friends and show my language arts teacher some funny animations here. I always wanted to have a team to make a flash game.

I was introduced to Adobe products way back my freshman year in high school and I started to messing around with different programs like flash, dreamweaver, illustrator, and photoshop. The one that hyped me the most was flash, I got to move around basic objects around the stage and change its alpha however I want, so on and so forth. ------|

So this year I started a side project for multimedia called "project cq" it's currently in beta 3 and my team isn't strong in adobe flash but can work in adobe illustrator and photoshop, so far I'm the only one on the team that knows action script and does most of the work, we think we have a decent story, some of my cool characters and my objects... As of now I'm looking for people with exp. in adobe flash to help me in this side project of mine, so far I'm looking for:

-level designer
-another artist
-possibly a musician (I'm one myself but I want to draw lol)
-someone that can actually help in story writing

if anyone is interested in joining the project plz hit me up :D
much appreciated
yim & aim: teddysbuddys


btw... is there a way to change my account name? I'm not really lazy and bord in the real world, such an old account name xD yay middle school

just some multimedia student reaching deep


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2010-06-17 01:54:19

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