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wtf day, and moving on with cq beta iii project

2009-01-10 17:12:45 by lazynbord

We finally have another coder to help me along with my work ^^ woot
I have the feeling that this project will work out for sure \m/
we still have little spots open so get em before they are gone

yay we got a story writer to help!
if they are italic with a star they are taken
we still have some spots open so keep checking back

soooo there are these random "new flash vids" out today and they are all fucking about shapes cracking craptacular jokes. is it seriously "shape day?"

I mean like wtf, those submitters could have at least put some better work in those flash vids right?

on the other hand, no one hasn't put a real response for this side project I'm doing. I still have a lot of open spots in the project I'm currently doing :D
I still need:

-level designer
-someone that can actually help in story writing*
check my older post for more info

hit me up if interested, and give me details about your exp when you message me


wtf day, and moving on with cq beta iii project


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