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rough sketching

2009-01-21 21:02:33 by lazynbord

I already started on the very first level of my game project and man it's god forsaken hard....
I'm still having trouble with my dude and his walk cycle, but a + is that I got most of my objects done and 2 bgs for the levels. There is still yet more to do. I'm still waiting on my story writer to submit his final results, so yeah. Waiting patently once again. :P

I still need an animator and a level designer to help me out.

I posted one of the level designs, so let me you know what you think or, if you in for a job hit me up I got 2 spots left.

rough sketching


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2009-03-22 23:04:49

I'd love to be a level designer... but I don't have CS3 =\