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The story so far...

2009-06-19 18:54:49 by lazynbord

Well my year at school ended in a good note :) I already made money in 3 art competitions in poster- illustrator design, hopefully next year I can keep up the groove because it's just that exciting lol.

Downtown Doors San Jose: earned 200$ and other prizes - making it to finals: rs.html
#10 Edward Balaoro - Where to Go?
Santa Teresa High School
Site Host: The Fairmont San Jose
Sponsor: 1st Act Silicon Valley

Cezar Chavesz art contest: earned 100$ - first place multimedia art
#1 Edward Balaoro
Santa Teresa High School
Sponsor: ESUHSD

Blue coat community art showcase: earned 50$ - honorable mention
Edward Balaoro - Unique thinker
Santa Teresa High School
Sponsor: Blue coat systems inc

In other news... The flash game has slew down just a little bit due to my previous coder breaking his computer... He left, now we need another coder.

:( so we're stuck in coding. The story is solid so far and the objects created for the game will stand after Beta. Later on if my team gets to the point of Beta we will host the game here, all I can promise is at least 4 levels to see what the reviewers think about it so I can see what needs work and other things.
The team website might be changed soon, the webmaster of the team advised that we need to change the link... so we will see what happens. here is the current site, feel free to check it out: game/

hit me up if any one wants to code for this awesome soon to awesome game :) Please don't bail out on the offer! Because there is a 99.9% chance of getting paid when this gets done


p.s. I need to change this old account name... too bad there isn't any option to that! sigh.
Oh, and the attached image is some random idea of bringing an in game cam to the game which will have some use later on? we will see....

The story so far...


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